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Licensing for Commercial Use is available in 1-3 year term lengths. Permanent licenses are available for 5x the cost of one year.

Commercial use includes:
- Reprinted on any material or product that is sold, or offered as prize or incentive.
- Marketing and branding materials and media.
- Professional social media assets.

The Artist retains the right to display all purchased work on any personal website, gallery, or journal.

The Artist retains ALL the rights to the purchased artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise, and to alter the original work. Image rights can be negotiated for an added fee.

The Client may not claim any purchased pieces as their own work.

The Client may not profit from the artwork beyond what is outlined in these terms. This includes the sale of the digital files, rights to the image, minting Non-Fungible Tokens, any blockchain or cryptocurrency related technology.

The Client may not use the artwork in AI training programs.

The Client may make minor alterations to any artwork (e.g., cropping, resizing, recoloring). Any further alterations can be negotiated for an added fee.

These terms subject to change at the Artist’s discretion.

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